Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Delivery drivers Dilemma risky job. NO Tips today ???


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HI this is Bill your delivery driver and YOU probably just had your order delivered by me. 


Really we are getting robbed daily in this country.

WE get our vehicles stolen plus all cash and valuables and sometimes shot OR STABBED.

But yet people do not tip!

Think about the high cost of insurance to us plus risk of accidents daily driving like 50 miles in one night.

Maintenance cost is doubled. Flat tires OMG almost ,monthly.

15$ to repair or $150 to replace tire that got cut in sidewall.

Also theft and being shot and some killed for what? Maybe $50 in cash. 

But yet today 2017  people do not tip or just give us coins like .15 .20 cents etc....

Gas maintainance cost is double what you pay all stop n go traffic especially in rush hour times 4 PM through 8 pm.




MORE info For YOU WE are paid a pittance where i'm at now JC's only $20 daily for 8 1/2 - 9 hrs plus

WE DO NOT GET DELIVERY CHARGE HERE That $1 goes to cover cost of house bussiness.

GRUB HUB charges YOU $1 and thats thier fee WE do NOT GET a Penny from them.

  WE make sure your food is delivered within 15 mins after leaving the restaurant.

 Also YOUR not the only customer who called many times deliveries come in bunches 5 - 7  in 15 mins ..it takes at least 15 mins to preapre and cook your food ....... add that up 7 orders take 15 mins each to prepare after YOU call thats at least 85 mins.  



Now you know why we say your order will be there in 1 hr.

 Orders are done as the order they come in and the area Drivers are given orders within a 1/2 mile of each other on same area NOT like one far east at 2nd street  then way over west side at 20th street..  


All Orders are placed in large tub and Covered by heavy blanket to stay HOT. 

Also many places only work with one main chef and side help.


MY place i'm at now only  has hired new help the girls use deep fryer and run the register and phones and handle all drivers up to 2 drivers every day from 4 till closing.YOUR food is not driven around for an hour LOL!


 The system in the kitchen is set up so all deliveries are done and while other items are cooking the rest is kept on hot dish then all is packaged and driver is called to pick up and do the orders closest 1st then further unless the further one is running late as many grub hub's come in to us 10 - 15 mins after you place with grub hub ;;;ah you didnt know that did you?


Now on  may 3rd i had to buy license plate bulbs and the one lower  bulb on drivers side That cost me $26.75 ........this = 14 deliveries at with minimum 2$ tips just to recover the cost of light bulbs and that aint covering my cost of gas.

 Wiper blades again need to be replaced...... $20 + tax =$21.60

That's MY whole nights pay . Again more reapirs now other bulb on passnger side needs to be bought $21.60 plus my lilo dispsers in hood for winshield washer both broke need to be reaplaced.

OIL change was just done at pep boys july 18th  got it cheap for $26.22

Must be done evry 3 months or 3000 miles to keep enigne warranty from pacifico ford only internal engine is covered not any outside parts.


Gas per day $10 - $15 4 days a week average out to $12 =$2496.00 a year 

Remember a delivery FEE is NOT a TIP Never was never can be same thing when you have large items delivered to your home they charge up to $55 to deliver that covers cost of truck drivers and insurance for the company.

UPDATED FOR TAX YEAR 2016: The standard mileage rate is 0.54 cents per mile. 



SO   delivery charge dosent even cover Drivers  cost. HEY i have to drive back too. So 1 mile to you 1 mile back my cost is $1.08 last night drove total 35 miles delivering 35 X .54 cents = $18.90 gas i put in 12$ total.

 Some places charge a delivery charge BUT do not pay to driver. MY Place NOW we DO NOT GET Delivery FEE.


FRranchise pizzerias charge a whopping $2.50 but only give the driver $1 They pay mini wage $7.50 per hr.


  Most delivery drivers are only paid $3 - $5 per hr UM how much do u make per hr? 

Another thing YOU do not know when you tip with credit card WE have to pay the tax of 8% weeeeeeeeee aint that fun .25 per $3 OR just accept the smaller tip . 


Please have odd coins like .05 .10 .25 if you want the full dollar amount in change.like IF yOUR oRDER WAS $16.10 HAND ME $20.10 YOU GET CHANGE OF $4.00


Many customers take too long to come to door and when early times there is cars behind me and they will blow thier horns because i'm holding them up for 5 mins. 


I get so many when i call that do not answer thier phones it's just goofy! Who do you think is calling you at 11:30 at night?

Please be ready; at most deliveries can go 1 and 1/2 hours we GET ORDERS IN BUNCHES 5 - 8 IN 10 MINS.


It's hard driving emerency vehicles police stops contruction all around south phila giant huge pot holoes that will bust your car suspension people walking in front of me when i'm looking at traffic other way so stupid not realizing we can only see one way at a time grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

WE have no control when people call or come in to eat and pick ups i seen many times in 5 months time  12 deliveries on board two or 3 dining in IT's crazy this business especailly ones that have long history ours started in 1954  thats 63 years .

 Again Back in April  got robbed young black male would not give the $100 bill 1st time so i went to finish next two deliveries and came back to him with change he didnt want to let me see the bill 1st and i said he may be armed and this may get ugly so handed him the food and change ...bam a counterfit fake $100 

I lost $100 plus he stole the food too $18.30 


I had to pay for that order $18.30 


Police report number is in 3rd district 17-03-020848 officer brown # 7365

Now in process of getting the money back from PA Victims of crime.

HE Plead Guilty and was sentenced on june 29th amazingly all 7 accounts he did a week apart 7 people were conned by this young black male.

So now you know why we really depend on your tip.

To figure tip take in consideration distance time and price of order so at least 15% minimum $2 

Like this your order without taxes is say $15  X 15% = $2.25 

Now if that was put on CC or grub hub credit i have to pay tax 8% .18 which is now .20 so in reality i only get $2.05.